Monday, August 16, 2010

The Swing, 4th pass

Legs redone during the swing; obviously they're more just along for the ride. Head and neck also redone mid swing. Some tweaks to the first and second jump, better staging on the hands during the crouch before the first swing.

Swing, 4th pass from Ryan D on Vimeo.


  1. Ryan! Now he really uses the force of the swing! I like it a lot /I love it, really :)/

    Just one question. Are you sure it is 8 milimeters on the first keyframe of the pendulum? ;) If not, I would definitely change that! You dont want your work to look unprofesional! :)

  2. Hey Ryan,well i love where this has arrived love the little leg anticipation in the start and all the little changes of the swings:)
    The ending has become so awesome 5 stars on that!
    I only have 2 comments for you so here we go:
    1)At the first jump i still feel he is a bit soft on the timing of the jump at one specific place,to be more exact at the extreme up point of the jump it feels a bit slow i understand off course that cause of gravity he is slowing cause after that he will start falling but still it looks to slow at that point like he is staying a bit too long on the extreme up.
    2)The hook up still feels unnatural somehow i wish i could say why but i can't really feel it cause i can't try that move myself or see a videoref so maybe do a 2d animatic with stick figure to quickly experiment on different poses on that to see how it can become more natural and fluid.
    Sorry not much help on that but still i feel something is off in comparison to the quality of the rest of the assignment.

    Thats all brother.
    Have a good one.