Friday, August 13, 2010

"The Suitcase" First pass

This is what I started while taking some time off the swing so my head didn't explode.

I wanted to do a short acting piece based on Alex's suitcase idea. Instead I did a 30 second one because I'm a big, dumb idiot. But I liked the idea.

First pass, "The Suitcase" from Ryan D on Vimeo.


I had all kinds of idea for gimmicks in this one. He sets down the gun, forgets it, gets shot in the back? Something in the suitcase eats him? It contains Marcellus Wallace's soul? Then I though, gimmicks are kind of cliche. How about an armed robbery and a murder? I like to think of this as a shady deal has gone sour and Goon wants that suitcase full of... well, something very valuable apparently. The Goon is Cicilian mobster and the victim (Norman; temp animation obviously) is another underworld goon. They're both bad people, so the shooting isn't so bad, right?


  1. JaJa! this is awesome, really enjoyed the whole thing, very nice acting in my opinion, the way he starts chuckling in particular. Nice work!

  2. I like it too :) Sorry, no constructive critique this time :)))

  3. Hey man!
    Boy you are fast on doing assignments cool!
    For this new piece the thing i would love to hear is some sound to get a better feel of it cause of the shooting.i am a bit confused at the part he shoots him if i am right that happens like its nothing important i didn't read it the first time he shoot him, i would give more weight to that part of the acting like maybe shoot him more times or something so it reads better.
    Now i didn't read it the first time he shoots him and left i thought he just left.
    Also as he is leaving he is way too cool i would have him a bit more nervous maybe look around as he leaves or even run away even if he is a cool guy he doesn't wanna risk been caught so a bit more nervousness there would help.
    Finally i think the part that he opens the case until he starts laughing is taking a bit too long i like the slow build up but i think its one too many little laughs and the audience is waiting way too long for his final laugh.
    Thats all Ryan this is a great idea and looking forward to seen how it turns out.
    Take care.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Nikolaos, I deliberately avoiding making him too nervous because 20 seconds later he kills a man in cold blood while laughing. So he's meant to be a psychopath; I wanted him tense until he gets the suitcase but not nervous. That'd be a completely different character really so I'm going to skip that one.

    The gunshot's nonchalance is also meant to give that same impression; this guy is cold-blooded and a bit sadistic. After all, a nervous guy would have no reason to shoot the unarmed victim after he got the case.

    I have a bright light set up in the scene for the muzzle flash of the gun so that will read better in the final version. I'll probably have a shell pop out of the gun too.

    The sound is tricky. I never planned on having any but I agree the gunshot could use a noise. I thought about what it would take to add actual laughter but I'd pretty much have to redo the whole thing to sink of the performance to the soundtrack. So I'll probably just do the gunshot and leave the rest in silence. Maybe I can find some ominous music to put over the rest of it.

    Thanks again guys!

  5. Hey man you are scaring me,first the assignment with the guy licking the dead head now this guy been sadistic and all where do you get this ideas hehe.Just Kidding:)
    Well i get what you mean sorry for miss leading you its always hard giving feedback for acting and i am sure the shooting part will read better with the sound and the flash of the gun.
    Looking forward to see more.
    Take care.

  6. Hey Ryan!
    I really liked it as well... I do think you need a little more time on the shooting part because I missed it the 1st time...
    I love how the laugh progressively gets bigger, it shows his thought process, to me it was like "oh... oh my... HOLY CRAP!" kind of feel haha if that makes any sense...
    Would love to see more of this...=D
    awesome job!

  7. Thanks guys. The gun is getting a few more frames since most people I've shown it to have a hard time reading it. I'm also considering adding sound track but it'll be tricky to do that without an actual laugh. We'll see; I'm back to work next week when all my friends leave Cologne tomorrow.