Friday, August 20, 2010

Monkey Swing test anim

Hey Guys! So here is what I have on the monkey swing test... I havent touched it since we left, but figured I could post for some feedbak... :) Hope you are all well! Patty-


  1. Looks cool! I wish I had started my cycle more like this and not with the problematic superheroics I went with.

    I think the right hand could have a little ease out when it first releases the bar so it has a bit more of a pendulum arc.

    I like the feeling of tension the legs have during the 1st to 2nd swing transition but I think that gets lost near the end; the legs start to feel kind of floppy. I had the same problem with mine. I think they either need to tense up more or have more of their own pendulum motion; right now it seems somewhere inbetween (just for the last swing or two; I think the legs are great up until near the end of the second swing).

    Also during the last swing we see on screen, his head seems to jerk back a little bit.

    Hooray for more people contributing!

  2. Hey Patty!
    This is looking great i love how he uses his head to push himself off also the hand moments look great.
    Some minor notes are.
    1)when he goes up in the start to anticipate before going down i wound bend more the torso so after that we see a bit of a reversal and the release of force in the body,so i guess what i am saying is push that more.
    2)The ending swing seems a bit stiff like the hall torso is kind of moving together.
    3.The palms seem to stick when garbing the rope like magnets maybe have them start the garbing a little more up so when they fully grab it the palm comes a bit down.if that makes any seance.
    Thats all i see here.
    Great going on this so far.
    Take care.