Wednesday, September 1, 2010


First off: new animation! A panther walk cycle.

Secondly: Our participation sucks! I was considering a weekly digest to remind people to visit but today I found a couple of sites that are doing exactly what this blog is intended to do; get a broad range of opinions. (the sweatbox forum is specifically for work in progress) (the personal work forum)

The point of this blog was to get a narrow range of opinions from people we know and trust but so far it hasn't worked so well. So maybe it's better to share our work on Facebook or the Facebook group, since most of us are friends there anyway.

But I also think it'd be a good thing for us to get involved in these two, existing communities, even though the vast majority of members seem to be AM grads. You guys seem to breed like rabbits :P But there are some working professionals involved as well, at least on the 11second club.

So we'll see if this blog survives but with less than five people using it on a regular basis, I'm not seeing much use in continuing it unless I can put a ton of effort into encouraging all 40+ of our class to actually participate.

Thoughts? Opinions? Silence?