Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's get it started in here...

The way to get wallflowers off the wall has always been to start dancing yourself... and hope others follow before you look like too much of a tool.

So here is the first offering to the "Five Liters of Boxed Wine" Gods; the current pass of my swing exercise:

Gobelins Summer School 2010 Swing Exercise from Ryan D on Vimeo.

I'm going to take another pass at it in a few days but hey, critique away.


  1. Likes: the poses, the ending most of all!

    Maybe the first hold on the pole could be better... the transition between the jump and the first swing could be better in my opinion..

    during the swing the legs are always facing the camera and it's hard to "feel" the swing... maybe you could tweak the poses a little to get the notion of where the feet, knees, legs are all the time...

    It's a really cool piece so far! makes me want to animate more!!

    Cheers dude


  2. Yo Ryan!

    This is looking superb mate! The swing feels good, and I really like the attitude of your guy, and the camera ads a lot of feeling to the scene! The only suggestion I have is that when he first jumps down and hooks himself on, I'm not sure if it's the camera, but it feels like he lands with a straight arm, which gives him a hectic jolt. I think it may feel a little less painful if his arm anticipates the swing, by grabbing onto the bar sooner and guiding him into the swing... does that make sense? So that he's going in the direction of the swing on the way down.

    Anways, it also looks great just as it is, great weight and balance!

  3. Hey Ryan,
    I feel the same as Dan, when he jumps down and hooks he's a little stiff. I think the landing is great, also the start; the camera does add a nice touch, but I would make it a bit less jumpy, just a bit less in my opinion. Hope you dont go crazy with so many comments from all of us :)

  4. Thanks guys! I'm gonna take a few days off the swing and work on my severed head animation. It's now up to 3 and a half hours long. Feels like it anyway. Never start an animation with a guy mopping for 5 seconds!

    Anyway, I'll post a new swing with I have it but til then, feel free to keep shredding!

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  6. Hey Ryan!
    Great going bro! I love the idea of this and the animation is looking good!
    Some things to consider as Diego and Dan said as he falls and hooks its not reading well, mostly i cause of the camera which is moving a lot and also the timing as he hooks and turns to us is too snappy.Also after he pushes up exactly from the time he touches the stick with his feet until he falls down and squashes i think the timing is a little soft.
    As he stands there before falling his leg is not correct silhouette wise for too many frames i would pose him differently there or change a bit the camera angle if possible.The same goes for his starting pose but with his hand i think it would be nice to see some negative space between it and the torso.
    I agree with Diego about the camera ups and downs in general i would tune it down a bit.
    The ending is superb i must say the fall down is absolutely awesome!
    A final not on the swings,they seem a bit even to me, i would try vary the timings and the poses there from swing to swing.
    Well as always take what you like from this just some ideas.
    Take care:)