Friday, August 6, 2010

New version of the swing

Feedback integrated plus my own nitpicks from looking at it 10000 times. Camera has also been redone for better staging and less drastic movement.

Swing exercise, 2nd pass from Ryan D on Vimeo.


  1. HAA!!
    I always smile during the final frames! =D

    In my opinion is really better!
    I feel that you could explore more acceleration and deseleration during the swing... faster as he is down, ease-out while reaching the top, etc.

    on the last swing, before letting go of the rope, he feels really light!

  2. I've watched it like 10 times trying to find something that bother me, I think it is the fact that the initial jump to start swinging is way too difficult even for a professional gymnastic; when he jumps I think he should hang strongly to feel his weight, and then push with his legs to start swinging; I think the first jump is good, the swing is good,the final jump I agree with Rodrigo he feels a bit light; but to me it's definitely the way he starts swinging that throws me off; I hope I am making sense, anyway, this is just how I see it.

  3. Hey Ryan!
    This is looking good man i love the negative space and silhouette changes even thought i now it is always a pain changing camera angle and love the little reversal of the torso from side to side as he jumps up and lands.
    Still think as he lands the timing is a bit too soft i think its mostly the spacing, if at the up point of the jump you stretch the torso just a bit more than you will gain 2 things 1)as he lands it will feel snappier and 2) more dynamic pose wise at the up point of the jump.
    Also as he jumps up there is a pop in his right leg.
    There is still something wrong about the way he falls and hooks i wish i could frame by frame this to see better but for sure one thing is his hall body is rotating in z to the right at the same time and looks stiff,i think you did that so he has a diagonal angle and thats giving him more force to move after he grabs the stick thing but its not working well its very hard to rotate in air like that i think it would be better to have very little rotation as he falls in the torso,let gravity pull him down and after he hooks you can play with that.
    After that as he grabs with the right hand his right foot moves up together at the same time spacing wise.
    Watch out as he swings from hand to hand his head seems to pop in a few places like translating back and forth to fast mostly at the end of second 5 and start of second 6.
    I agree with the guys about the last jump just before he lets go and a little as he lets go its soft there.
    That's all for now Ryan love the changes man its defenetly getting there.
    Like always just some ideas take what you like:)
    Take care.