Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"The Suitcase" Second pass

First off, a lot of people have been invited to be author and a lot of people from the Gobelins class aren't participating yet, presumably because they forgot about the blog. So I'm thinking I will do one "weekly digest" post here with links to all the posts from that week, so nothing gets buried. Then I will send that list to everyone who expressed interest in the blog.

Back to animation:

I'm getting pretty close to done with this one, after getting zero work done last week thanks to GDC/Gamescom. This week I'm back in the saddle.

"The Suitcase" Second pass from Ryan D on Vimeo.


  1. And a fully rendered version.


  2. Hey Ryan!
    Well this is looking a lot better bro,its defiantly clear that he is firing the gun now and the animation is smoother.

    1)When he is going to put his gun down to the table its like he is been dragged by the hand at one point like the hand is leading,and the hand is accelerating kind of suddenly.
    2)Since you are near the end i will point out the fingers when he is opening the suitcase would be nice to show more contact and pressing of fingers against the suitcase.
    3)watch out your weight shift when he tries to open the bag as he is going from screen right to screen left his hips are moving to suddenly there.
    4)watch out as he laughs the rotation in x on the head is hitting a all at a point when going back smooth the tangents a bit
    5)He looks kind of off balanced when he is laughing too much and his torso is way back i think its a camera thing and probably from a side camera is normal but try to make it a little more in balanced from your shot camera.
    6)when he is going for garbing the weapon even though its not very heavy it would be nice to see a little more weight to it,now its like he is kind of picking a pencil,i could buy that if he is super strong so the gun is like a pencil for him but he would have to be a very muscular guy and yours is very thin.So a little more time to lift the gun would be nice i think but the drag and the mechanics look great.
    Love the ending with the gun on the air love that!

    Thats all brother looking good and love the dark mood on this.
    Take care.