Sunday, August 22, 2010

Character Animation Reel

Pan Ting's Character Animation Reel from Pan Ting on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Ting!
    Woow so many assignment bro i will pick the golf assignment for today.
    1)When he is at the extreme up i see you are twisting the torso in y but it seems to me it has twisted in the same amount in the tree body parts of bishop i would have the base more looking to the camera and the middle a bit more away from camera and so on so we can see the torso been twisted and not looking at the same place.
    2.When he adjust his hips before he swings i would push just a bit more the y translation in the hips just a bit.
    On the second swing it seems to bet a bit weaker in comparison to the wrest like everything in his torso is moving just a little bit together i think it might help to drag the chest a bit as his hips are going down for the hit and than have it cuch up and hit with the club.
    Great stuff man everything looks really polished so take what you like from this notes.
    Good to see you are on the blog spread the word.
    Take care.

  2. Just a high level criticism, meaning I wouldn't change anything but keep it in mind for next time: The third piece (that starts with the javelin) shows a lot of good physics but the acting confuses me. Half the time it feels like stumbling slapstick and the other time he's a Spider-man ninja, which are really at the opposite extremes of personality and physical ability. It looks like slapstick is the dominant idea of the two, which makes some of the moves, especially the final pommel horse gymnastics feel out of place.

    Again, I'm not suggesting acting changes for a finished piece; just keep in mind who your character is when planning out your shots, even the ones that are predominantly physical.