Monday, August 23, 2010

Hi Guys!

Nice to see great posts here and especially so constructive feedback.

Here is one short clip that I started to work in the end of the workshop.

The idea behind this shot is that the guy has made some jokes and he's girlfriend hasn't understand them in the same way.

I wanted to do everything in the "blank" scene and in a long shot so that I have to animate the whole character.

Next pass I'll add some frames in the beginning so that everything doesn't start to happen so quickly. I'll also add some overlapping especially to the hands. I'll also fix the face and the lipsync.

Before I'll make another pass I would like ask what you guys think.

bull_shit_v001 from TeemuOK on Vimeo.



  1. Hey Teemu how are you buddy!
    This is looking good man really getting the idea.
    Some things to keep in mind.
    1)I think the character is a little too flat to camera the head is looking nice but the body is a bit flat to camera.
    2)When he takes his shoulders up before he speaks i think the head is a bit stuck to the same pose maybe make a little rotation at y axes back and forth like he is not believing she took this joke so serious or tilt the head a bit just something so he is not frozen in that pose of the head.
    I love the little steps he makes great little detail there.
    3)Ok about the pointing of the finger at the end i think it kind of works well in this case but i would explore other options to see if there is a better way to gesture cause the pointing of the finger is kind of a cliche gesture if you experiment and see its better this way than great , sometimes cliches work better and i think here it works but still it might be worth exploring other options.
    5)This is something i personally don't like saying cause i think its cool by me but in school they had said us many times in making your demo reel don't use profanity and bad words i think all this is bullshit my self and i feel people should have some fun with words but cause many people that see reels are not always open minded its better not take a chance offending anyone.So just a suggestion for future assignments.
    I have nothing to add i think the timing works great the lyp sinc looks good so far little tweaks and will be super.You can play more with the brows i think but maybe thats too much detail and you left it for the end.
    Great stuff Teemu!
    Keep up the good work.
    Take care.

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  3. Hey Teemu!

    Nice work. I like that it's kind of understated/not over-acted.

    The arms were the first thing I noticed but it sounds like you already know that.

    I agree with Nikolaos that the camera could show off the acting a bit better. Maybe a little more of an angle and the character a little more towards the center of the screen. This kind of shot could benefit from a closer camera but I understand the point was to get the whole body in. Remember your camera's proximity to the face when finishing off the facial/lipsync. Make sure it reads from afar.

    I don't mind the point in this. Sure it's cliche but that's because people do point when they talk sometimes. I think it's always good to question if what you're doing is cliche ("Do what is expected of you in a way that wasn't expected" is a nice quote on the subject) and think through alternatives but sometimes a cliche makes the most sense. I wouldn't change it with the rest of the animation already this complete.

    The swearing issue: I imagine the AM teachers have a bias towards the American industry which I think can be more sensitive than in Europe. But in the US it's true; you probably don't want swearing on your reel unless you're applying to someplace you *know* won't mind (like the people who make Grand Theft Auto).

    But the important part is that you don't really want any part of your demo reel to offend anyone who might otherwise give you a job (and again, I believe Americans are the easiest to offended by things that weren;t intended to offend; I'm American so I can say that :D).

    Whether it is a metal song or rap music, swearing or nudity, blood and gore or a Z brush model of Justin Bieber, there are a lot of things that can piss people off. You probably won't know the person who is going to give your reel a thumbs up or thumbs down, so I think it's best to stay as inoffensive as possible.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to my animation of armed robbery and cold-blooded murder :P

  4. Thanks guys for the comments. I'll definitely keep them in my mind and I'll post the next pass a.s.a.p.

    I agree with Ryan about the cliches and they are very tricky in animation in my opinion.
    Sometimes very cliche acting choice can be the most effective way to express the idea or the clearest way to communicate with the audience. Sometimes they are not. Like Nikolas said, it's always usefull to try to find an alternative way to communicate or explore other acting choises.
    But especially in 11 second club, many WIP clips receive a lot of critisism only for the cliche acting,even that the whole shot works well.
    Of course communicating alternative way or using fresh ideas would be the most unique, but in my opinion, depenging of the shot, cliches can be also a good options.

    Take care friends

    PS.writing in english is so damn hard and time consuming!!

  5. Mitta vittua!? Writing in Finnish is way harder :P